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‘Why Him?’ Immediate Music

A custom cut of “My Girl” pops at the outset of both the official and red band trailers for Why Him, the Twentieth Century Fox film starring Byan Cranston and James Franco. Immediate Music put together the tunes — re-recording the sweet-sounding “My Girl,” and juxtaposing it alongside snippets of  Eminem’s “Berzerk” and”Get Ugly,” by Jason Derulo. The film, […]

‘Assassin’s Creed,’ Jed Kurzel

Based on the insanely popular Ubisoft videogame (more than 80 million units sold since 2007), the 20th Century Fox release expands on the mythology of the Templar Order that is the crux of the series’ mythology. Two-time Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender plays modern-day assassin Callum Lynch, created for the film, as well as his  descendant, Aguilar de Nerh, of […]

‘La La Land,’ Justin Hurwitz

Composer Justin Hurwitz created the music for La La Land, which stars Ryan Gosling as a pianist who falls for actress Emma Stone. Needless to say, Gosling spends quite a bit of screen time tinkling the ivories. “I practiced some of those piano pieces four hours a day for three months,” he shares, in the clip below.  Stone […]

‘Silence’ Trailer, Confidential Music

The trailer for Martin Scorsese’s much-anticipated holiday release Silence features music by John Hanson of the Santa Monica-based Confidential Music. company that had such break-out success with the early trailer for Suicide Squad (cutting a tune that actually made it onto the soundtrack).  The Paramount film, which had its world premiere in Vatican City in November, starts […]

‘Jackie’ score by Mica Levy

Twenty-nine-year-old British composer and musician Mica Levy has become an awards season contender with her beguiling score for Fox Searchlight’s Jackie, which stars Natalie Portman as the former First Lady in the emotional aftermath of her husband’s assassination. An NPR feature quotes Levy talking about how her music “elevates the surreal element, because music creates a […]

‘Frozen’ Gets Dec. 11 ABC Premiere

The broadcast premiere of Walt Disneys’ musical Frozen takes place Dec. 11 on ABC. The most successful children’s film in history and the top animated film of all time, with $1.27 billion in global box office earnings, Frozen became a cultural phenomenon upon release in 2014. Business Insider called it “a cosmic tuning fork” and cited as […]

‘Oasis: Supersonic’ Hits Play

Oasis: Supersonic, the documentary charting the rise and implosion of the biggest British band of the ’90s, gets a U.S. release on one night only, Oct. 26. Created by much of the team behind the Oscar-winning Winehouse doc Amy, the film showcases the band’s many hits, and includes original music by by Rael Jones (The Danish Girl, Steve Jobs, […]

‘Dr. Strange,’ Michael Giacchino

It’s among the oddest of superhero comics, and the musical journey for the Disney/Marvel feature film Dr. Strange promises to be no less fantastic, judging by the trailer. Elegant other-worldliness is his specialty, as evidenced by Star Trek Beyond, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Inside Out. Giacchino has almost 75 feature film credits, and […]

‘The Birth of a Nation,’ Henry Jackman

It’s the same title (as D.W. Griffith’s 1915 paean to white supremacy), but ironically. Director Nate Parker stars as Nat Turner, a literate slave who spreads enlightenment and leads his people to rebellion, circa 1831. The Hollywood Reporter called Henry Jackman’s score “unusually varied,” and “draws upon multiple musical traditions and references to fine effect.” […]

‘Moana’ Mark Mancina

In addition to a tour de force score by Mark Mancina, Disney’s Moana features music by Pacific Islander Opetaia Foa’i (called “the Gaugin of music”)  and Hamilton sensation Lin-Manuel Miranda. The animated epic opens Thanksgiving weekend, including in 3D. Mancina won a Grammy for his score for The Lion King. The trio collaborated on the film’s main theme, […]