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Get ready for a mind-bender! David Fincher is obsessed with the number 13, and his new TV series for Netflix premieres on Oct. 13, with a combination of songs of the ’70s and original score by television debutante Jason Hill, former rocker with the band Louis XIV. Hill’s artistry is on display in this official […]

‘The Dark Tower’

The Dark Tower, with music by composer Tom Holkenborg, was the number one film for the weekend of Aug. 4, earning $19.5 million for distributor Sony in North America, according to Comscore. The fantasy horror film from the mind of Stephen King the film stars Idris Elba as Roland Deschain, a gunslinger on a quest […]


Hans Zimmer’s moody score to Dunkirk evokes everything from submarine dives to storming the beaches. You can hear excerpts here, or hear it in its entirety on Spotify. It’s Zimmers sixth collaboration with director Christopher Nolan. Remote Control’s Lorne Balfe, Andrew Kawczynski, and Steve Mazzaro provide additional music. Here’s the tracklist: “The Mole” (5:35) “We Need Our Army Back” […]

‘Cars 3’

The Eagles “Take it to The Limit” pumps the Cars 3 trailer over the finish line for Walt Disney Studios’ June 16 Pixar release, featuring a score composed and conducted by Randy Newman. The studio’s well-crafted one-liner reads: “Blindsided by a new generation blazing-fast racers, the legendary Lightning McQueen teams up with tech-savvy trainer Cruz Ramirez to […]

‘Band Aid’

Indie film Band Aid, a 2017 Sundance drama contender and the directorial debut of Zoe Lister-Jones, draws on the talents of Brooklyn pop quartet Lucius for the tale of a couple that decides to form a band to try to save their marriage. The group has had a productive history with film and TV, landing […]

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Sweet’s “Fox on the Run” is used to fun effect in the trailer to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but to hear Tyler Bates impressive score, which develops themes from the first Guardians film, released in 2014, click below. Bates has developed a rapport with galactic helmsman James Gunn, with whom he also teamed […]

‘Alien Covenant’

Jed Kurzel’s moody score to Ridley Scott’s latest entry in the Aliens franchise can be heard on the trailer but you can hear the entire theme in the clip below. The film, which stars Michael Fassbinder, Billy Crudup and Katherine Waterston, was released by Twentieth Century Fox on May 19. Australian singer-songwriter Kurzel’s previous project […]

‘Wonder Womam

Sia’s theme song “To Be Human,” featuring Labyrinth, and a score by composer Rupert Gregson-Williams are the musical highlights from the Warner Bros. film Wonder Woman, which hit theaters June 2. Williams has also been working this year on the TNT series The Alienist. Here is the theatrical trailer.

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