Get ready for a mind-bender! David Fincher is obsessed with the number 13, and his new TV series for Netflix premieres on Oct. 13, with a combination of songs of the ’70s and original score by television debutante Jason Hill, former rocker with the band Louis XIV.

Hill’s artistry is on display in this official trailer, which has racked up 2.18 million views since Aug. 1. We dare you to guess the song he riffs on for this story of FBI agents tracking rapists and serial killers (based on the book by FBI criminal profiler John E. Douglas with author Mark Olshaker: Mind Hunter: Inside FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit).  

We’ll give you a hint: the 1971 original was written and performed by Canadian folkie Gordon Lightfoot, and was his first Billboard hit, peaking at No. 5 on the Hot 100 and riding the chart for 15 weeks.  “If You Could Read My Mind” gets a haunting twist courtesy of Hill, who tells MaxTheTrax he created the sound using that old analog precursor to synth: running his fingers around the edges of wine glasses.

“It’s me doing a really fucked-up version of it,” he says of the love lament. “You wouldn’t even necessarily be able to tell that’s what it is,” says the San Diego transplant, whose twin objectives were to be as original as possible while also sounding somewhat unsettling, as apropos the theme of climbing inside the head of a psychopath. Expect more experimental soundscaping on each of season one’s 10 episodes (of which Nos. 1, 2 and 10 were directed by executive producer Fincher).

There are reports that the series has already been picked up for season two by Netflix, ahead of its debut.

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