Capital One Puts Green in Pocket of Spotify Listeners

Samuel L. Jackson looks suave in black-on-black suit, singing with hands raised at microphone

Actor Samuel L. Jackson shows off his smooth moves and soulful voice for Capital One’s Quicksilver Card and Spotify. (Photo courtesy Capital One)

Capital One has teamed with Spotify and Samuel L. Jackson is the man at the mic. Who knew he was such a smooth crooner with the moves like Al Green? Delivering the soul man’s sultry “Let’s Stay Together” with an appealing blend of smoldering sensuality and snappy capitalism.

This was essentially the vocal performance debut of Jackson, who has no prior history of screen song to speak of, although he was nominated for an Oscar for his role in 1995’s music-driven Pulp Fiction. While he shouldn’t be expecting a Grammy anytime soon, his deep, sexy voice gets better than just a passing grade. Move over Barry White! There’s a new Prince of Pillowtalk, and now the whispers will be about credit lines and Spotify premium.

Although Jackson was signed as a Capital One spokesman in 2013 and has appeared in many spots, this new musical installment has a twist: use Capital One’s Quicksilver credit card and 50% will go toward a discount on Spotify Premium. Capital is the nation’s 29th largest ad spender, according to AdAge, with this particular spot set to air across a variety of MSNBC news shows (where we spotted it), Bravo’s “The Real Housewives” and Facebook, among other outlets.

The song was licensed by Universal Music Publishing Group.

Capital One has recently been reaching out to millennials, with its Capital One Cafés that offer free coffee, baked goods and Wi-Fi as a way to win the trust of a generation market researchers have determined is suspicious of banking. This Spotify campaign should earn credibility points among youth and boomers alike.


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