Guns N’ Roses Top Global Concert Box Office, U2 Second

View from the band's perspective onstage looking into a vast arena packed with fans.

Guns N’ Roses reportedly sold 1 million tickets in one day when the spigot opened on the group’s “Not In This Lifetime” European tour.

They haven’t released new music in 24 years, but that hasn’t stopped Guns N’ Roses from packing ’em in to the tune of $151.5 million, making the No. 1 global concert draw in the world for the first half of 2017, according Pollstar. The touring trade publication and data firm had U2 in the second slot, with $118.1 million.

That’s quite an achievement for the legacy rockers, who are reportedly contemplating a new album. Interestingly, U2’s current “Joshua Tree” tour is also a nod to the past, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the album of the same name.

GNR’s “Not in This Lifetime Tour” has wound through Europe, promoted by London-based International Talent Booking, and hits U.S. shores in October. U2 is being globally trotted out by Live Nation. The Irish super group spent the first half of the year touring North America, and will spend the second half doing a mix of NA and international shows. Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” tour was No. 3 on the Pollstar list, drumming up $93.2 million, with Creative Artists Agency at the wheel. After 154 dates the 23-year-old hardest-working man in show biz just announced the cancellation of the remainder of his world tour, which was headed to Asia.

The top 50 worldwide tours grossed a combined $1.97 billion, just shy of last year’s record $1.98 billion, according to Pollstar president and editor in chief Gary Bongiovanni, who explained that while ticket sales were actually up (by 3.5%), a decline in prices resulted in the slight dip.

Guns N’ Roses reportedly sold 1 million tickets in one day in December, when the curtain was raised on the European leg of the tour.

Chart of Pollstar's top 20 global tours at mid-year 2017.

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