‘Cars 3’

The Eagles “Take it to The Limit” pumps the Cars 3 trailer over the finish line for Walt Disney Studios’ June 16 Pixar release, featuring a score composed and conducted by Randy Newman.

The studio’s well-crafted one-liner reads: “Blindsided by a new generation blazing-fast racers, the legendary Lightning McQueen teams up with tech-savvy trainer Cruz Ramirez to get back into pole position.”

Newman scored the original Cars in 2006, earning an Oscar nomination, but sat out the 2011 sequel, which had Michael Giacchino wielding the baton. In 20 career Academy Award nominations, he’s taken home two trophies (for 2001’s Monsters Inc., and 2010’s Toy Story 3)

Cars 3 is directed by Kevin Fee, and features voice performances by Owen Wilson, Chris Cooper, Audra Day, Cheech Marin and Armie Hammer, among others.

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