Apple Music Tops 27 Million and other WWDC news

Apple Music has topped the 27 million subscriber mark, announcing the benchmark at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference today at the San Jose Convention Center. That’s a 7 million improvement over December, when the company announced it had achieved 20 million paying subscribers in the two years since the service launched, a 35 percent improvement in the second half of 2016.

Other big news from CEO Tim Cook’s keynote and other WWDC announcements:

  1. Updates to each of Apple’s operating systems — Apple TV, the Apple Watch, mobile devices and computers.
  2. The Apple HomePod smart speaker, set to rival Google Home and Amazon Echo
  3. Amazon Video coming to Apple TV
  4. Mobile operating system iOS 11, now in Beta and expected for commercial roll out in fall, is going to drop 32 bit support, “putting a lot of otherwise just-fine iPhones and iPads into landfills,” according to DesignNews.
  5. New macOS 10.13 will bring virtual reality (VR) to the Mac in a serious way
  6. New APIs for iOS and MacOS to support VR and AR include ARKit for augmented reality (AR) and Core ML,booting system CPUs, GPUs and coprocessors better visual performance and machine learning purposes.

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