Russo Gets Game with ‘Edith Finch’

Jeff Russo, the music composer behind hit TV shows Fargo and The Night Of is composing the soundtrack for an upcoming indie video game “What Remains of Edith Finch,”the debut title  from Annapurna Interactive, the new video game division under Annapurna Pictures (the production company behind Zero Dark Thirty and Her).

“What Remains of Edith Finch” is unlike traditional video games in that it is a playable collection of short stories about a family in Washington state. Each story is told from the perspective of a different family member, and “somebody always dies at the end.”

“It’s a game about what it feels like to be humbled and astonished by the vast and unknowable world around us. You’ll follow Edith Finch as she explores the history of her family and tries to figure out why she’s the last Finch left alive,” according to the press materials. It’s coming to PlayStation 4 and PC in spring 2017.

Russo has won an Emmy for Fargo, now in its third season, and he is also scoring CBS’s new series Bull. Last year, his work included American Gothic for CBS and HBO’s The Night Of.  His upcoming feature work includes the ax-murderer drama Lizzie, starring Chloë Sevigny and Kristen Stewart, and Jon Avnet’s The Three Christs, a 2018 release.

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