Art Spots at the Trailer Park for Super Bowl LI

Trailer Park and sister company Art Machine had four spots during Super Bowl LI yesterday, and the film advertising house even cruised out of its usual neighborhood to produce a spot designed to help Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ re-launch of the Alfa Romeo in the US. The four were noteworthy not just for their visual pizzazz but also for their creative use of music.

The a 60-second “Riding Dragons” was the most noteworthy of four Chrysler Fiat spots to air during the big game. A marvel of editing, it purportedly relied on existing footage, masterfully woven into a story that combines the story of the Alfa Romeo as it evolved through the years with a short history of human fun, from kids frolicking with go-carts to sophisticated grown-up fun (which includes zipping around in a sporty red Alfa, doncha know).

The music, a track called “Clouds, The Mind on the (Re)Wind” from the album Music for Weather Elements, by German artist Ezio Bosso, is an inspired choice, suggesting imaginative leaps and dramatic forward momentum. The voiceover closes with “The ability to reinvent ourselves is the most human trait of all. All this to grow fearless so that when we got the chance, we could deliver that fine car and once again ride on the backs of dragons.” Trailer Park supported with production and post production services.

As if that wasn’t enough to justify putting one’s feet up and calling it a day, Trailer Park produced what was for this viewer the wittiest advertising interlude of the show: the commercial for Twentieth Century Fox’s Gore Verbinski thiller, A Cure For Wellness, opening February 17.

A profligate viewer of cable news, I’ve had more than my fill of pharma ads, the trolls in the manse of Madison Avenue. With budgets that seem bottomless, I wondered if they’d be allowed to wander Super Bowl LI’s hallowed ground. It wasn’t until the third quarter when what appeared to be an anti-depressant plug began to unspool, starting on a close up of a woman in a melancholy pose, it cut to the requisite images of freedom — a child running through a field, a man twirling a woman on a beach, yoga class — your basic  pharma 101 playbook! I was buying it hook line and sinker.

“Are you tired of not feeling well? Take back your life. Take the cure. Side effects include sneezing, dry eyes, drowsiness, weight loss, nausea…insanity, murderous rage,” while the announcer’s voice sounding progressively stressed while imagery transitions to something more suitable for a mental institution. I was quite amused! Horror in a spa never seemed so fun. The irony of the title of Paul Pritchard‘s accompanying track, “Steps To Success,” was a nice touch, the music itself soothing in the institutionalized way that only a sawing oboe can be.

Trailer Park also created the teaser for the return of Netflix’s 80s-inspired Stranger Things, which got in the best product plug by a non advertisers, opening with a snippet from an old Kellogg commercial for Eggos. Bravo’s new scripted dramaImposters  also got the Trailer treatment. Overall, a very strong Super Bowl showing.

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