LG First to Unveil Dolby Atmos TVs


LG’s 2017 OLEDs support Dolby Atmos, with the sound bar placed below. (Photo: JK Hwang)

LAS VEGAS — Dolby Laboratories, Inc.  and LG Electronics today announced that LG 2017 OLED TVs will support Dolby Dolby Atmos, marking the first turnkey consumer display units for the immersive sound technology. The new LG models also support Dolby Vision high-dynamic-range, or HDR, visual technology.

The Dolby Atmos audio experience — which allows sound to be placed and moved anywhere in three-dimensional space, including overhead — has since 2014 been available for home theater for enthusiasts who are willing to connect separate speakers.

Unveiling the sleek, ultra-thin, new sets at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, LG Home Entertainment Company President Brian Kwon called the new line of TVs “an entertainment powerhouse” and said it “offer consumers amazing realism across both image and sound that is vivid, nuanced, and powerful.” Joining Kwon in the unveiling was Dolby Laboratories President and CEO Kevin Yeaman.

LG’s Signature W OLED series features a separate Atmos soundbar. The top-of-the-line W7 comes in 77- and 65-inch versions, which will retail for around $8,000.  Available in the first quarter, the sleek screen is only 4mm deep. The G7 and E7 sets feature onboard sound bars, while the B7 and C7 decode the Atmos sound using interior speakers.

Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos are now common technology workflows for the major studios and other creative professionals. Home media offerings featuring Dolby’s high-end polish include more than 80 studio titles in Dolby Vision, and more than 100  in Dolby Atmos (with 25 in both formats). Major studios, including Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment have announced support to deliver titles in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Additionally, more than 100 hours of original content is available in Dolby Vision across leading OTT providers globally, and soon consumers will have access to Dolby Vision titles on Ultra HD Blu-ray disc, with anticipated availability in 2017.

Seoul-based LG Electronics is a global consumer electronics leader and subsidiary of the LG Group, which trades on the South Korean stock exchange (LG).

Dolby Laboratories Inc. (NYSE:DLB) developed Dolby Vision to bring superior brightness, contrast and color to OTT online streaming, Ultra HD Blu-ray, broadcast and gaming applications. It’s Atmos sound technology has been used to mix more than 500 films to date, bringing immersive sound to audiences in theaters around the world.

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