Simaudio Debuts $118,000 Moon Amp

Moon 888 amp

The Moon 888 monoblock amp has enough power for a space launch. (Photo courtesy of Simaudio)

For the audiophile who has everything, and wants more, theMoon 888 monoblock amplifier from Simaudio is just the ticket. The $118,888-a-pair power source debited at the 2017 CES this week, boasting the same manufacturing process used for high-performance racing engines.

Monoblock amps have amplification for a single channel, so one per speaker is required. Hefty in more than just the price tag, the Moon 888s weigh in at 250 pounds each, so ample space as well as deep pockets are required to power up these babies.

The impressive power output is actually very modestly rated at a “mere” 1.2hp (888 watts). This is backed by a gargantuan power supply that coupled with an 8kW capacity output section on enormous cast-aluminum heatsinks can drive any load with complete effortlessness.

Positioned by Simaudio as “state-of-the-art taken to the extreme,” the 888 is said to offer intense clarity and musical detail “until now, considered unattainable.” The MOON 888 can “track” the musical signal so accurately that it simply does not impart any character of its own. For the first time the awesome dynamics of real live music are possible in the playback chain.

So you can buy yourself a fully-loaded Tesla X P90D, or spring for a Moon 888!

Technical Highlights

  • Massive single-piece cast aluminum heat sinks are manufactured using the same processes as high-performance racing engines.
  • The heat sinks dissipate energy better than typical designs. CNC machining assures a fit-and-finish within 1/1,000th of an inch.
  • Audio circuitry is integrated within the complex monolithic heatsink, dampening vibration down to the vanishing point.
  • The transistors’ output section boasts a prodigious 8kW total rating, assuring the amplifier will always operate far below its capacity.
  • Over 350,000 μF of power supply energy storage and massive transformers for extreme power delivery.
  • State-of-the-art componentry in all areas.
  • All-aluminum chassis with cast and machined components assures exceptional heat dissipation and thermal efficiency.
  • Fine rhodium-plated heavy-duty speaker output connectors.
  • Black, silver, two-tone or custom finish.

moon 888 spec sheet

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