Internet Radio Rundown

Our favorite legacy service, Pandora, made the list, as well as newcomer TuneIn, both among the top five internet radio apps reviewed by CNET. In an age where streaming is the new normal, no one should be more than one-click out from one of the lifelines on this list.  While that has been a disruptor for terrestrial radio, some have used the technology to their advantage, achieving brand-extensions and a wider audience.

Out of the five on CNET’s list, only TuneIn and Apple Music allow international reach. The others are Slacker Radio and Napster UnRadio. With the exception of TuneIn, which allows you to tap 100,000 stations from around the world, they all enable the creation of playlists around the selection of one song.

We’re delighted to learn from CNET’s thorough and fact-based rundown that: “Pandora dominates the US internet radio scene, thanks to its secret sauce, called the Music Genome Project, a system that analyzes songs for 450 “distinct musical characteristics” to understand what makes a song unique.”  After all, Pandora was, until recently, the underdog. Good for founders Will Glaser, Jon Kraft and Tim Westergren for hanging in there and fighting to bring the the music-loving public something substantive and worthwhile.

Pandora is certainly not in the clear; recent financials indicate a net loss of $169.7 million (although to add perspective, revenues were $1.16 billion and the company plans a  2017 global expansion).


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