‘Assassin’s Creed,’ Jed Kurzel

Based on the insanely popular Ubisoft videogame (more than 80 million units sold since 2007), the 20th Century Fox release expands on the mythology of the Templar Order that is the crux of the series’ mythology. Two-time Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender plays modern-day assassin Callum Lynch, created for the film, as well as his  descendant, Aguilar de Nerh, of the 15th century, where most of the film is set (picture “Game of Thrones,” if the characters had a dash of Marvel superpowers). In addition, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons and Charlotte Rampling round out the cast, giving Assassin’s Creed the classiest pedigree of any filmed videogame.

The Australian duo of Jed Kurzel and Justin Kurzel are the film’s composer and director, respectively. Jed, a guitarist, got his musical start in the blues rock band The Mess Hall. He scored his first short film in 2000 and released his first The Mess Hall album in 2003, abandoning his pop pursuits in favor of film composing, but not before wining some prestigious Australian awards. His latest feature opens wide on Dec. 19.

Austrian composer Christoph Allerstorfer created the trailer music for Assassin’s Creed, but you can hear Jed Kurzel’s work on his brother’s 2015 film of Macbeth.

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