Big Things in Store for HUGE

Audio hub blooms in Utah desert

HUGEsound Post Production facility.

The HUGEsound Post Production facility, as purchased, is currently undergoing a high-tech makeover in Salt Lake City.

The Utah tech-boom is expanding to include audio post in a big — some might say HUGE — way. Music conglomerate R Legacy Entertainment has assembled the pieces for a world-class sound enterprise that will be known as HUGEsound Post Production, expected to open its doors in January 2017.

Earlier this month, Legacy’s Gaylen Rust purchased from composer Chance Thomas HUGEsound Studios and Chance Thomas Music, and will move both into a newly-acquired 16,000 square foot recording and editing facility, with plans to expand operations accordingly.

Thomas, widely known for award-winning orchestral videogame scores for blockbuster releases including “The Lord of the Rings Online,” “Avatar: The Game” and “DOTA 2” has been named VP  Creative Development.

chance thomas conducting

Composer Chance Thomas

Other principals joining HUGEsound Post Production are veteran sound designer Michael McDonough (Star Trek, Tornado Alley), Hollywood film editor Mike Fox (The Last Ship, Almost Human), and chief scoring engineer/mixer Michael James Greene (“Highlander” TV series, Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets for Imax).

In addition to music and audio post production, the new venture will offer recording and mixing services, music composition, film editing and color correction services for traditional film clients for clients across a spectrum of media, including animation, VR, video games, commercials, television and films.

“It’s a dream team,” Thomas said. “Michael McDonough, Mike Fox, and Michael Greene – these guys are at the top of their games, among the very best in the world.  And Gaylen Rust has empowered us to create our dream space, truly a next gen media playground.”

mike fox sits at an avid editing console

Film editor Mike Fox

The HUGEsound Post Production facility is currently undergoing extensive renovation to include a 1,600 square foot orchestral sound stage equipped for green screen, a NEVE Genesys-equipped mixing and control room, a spacious 5.1 film sound design and mixing studio and a large film editing suite running AVID ISIS. There will also be a mid-sized recording studio for overdubs and small ensembles, a dialog recording booth, a Foley pit and two 5.1 audio editing/production suites.

An audio-specialty engineering team has been tapped for extensive acoustic tuning and equipment installation. “We are determined to get the details perfect and create a state of the art sound destination,” said Thomas, who has also initiated an update on the design and decor.

Given the relatively close proximity to Los Angeles (just under 2 hours commercial flight time) and the natural beauty of Utah, there is hope that in addition to being a work-a-day facility, HUGEsound will represent the kind of get-away-from-it-all post environment that creatives look forward to retreating to to finish up their projects (think a smaller, more outward-bound Skywalker Sound).

Michael McDonough recording in a cave

Sound designer Michael McDonough

Rust, who earned his fortune in precious metals, arrived in the audio post space via non-profit Legacy Music Alliance’s endeavors to ensure funding for music programs Utah classrooms. Although he doesn’t profess to himself be musically inclined, he recounts with inspiration how in 2007 he tagged along with Craig Jessup — former director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir — to the National High School Choir Festival, which Jessup helped found in 2005.

The event, held at Carnegie Hall in New York, auditions talent from schools from around the country, bringing them together to learn by performing with renowned musicians from around the world. “Those two days with Craig changed my life,” Rust recalls. “I was just blown away by the power of the music and the effect it had on the lives of those kids. “

More than just art, Rust realized what a music curriculum could mean in terms of establishing a foundation for collaborative work, developing focus and conceptual understanding. In 2010 he launched the LMA, donating funds for equipment, sending music teachers to classrooms and creating music education programming. “We believe through music, test scores can go up and young people become better social citizens.”


Scoring engineer and mixer Michael James Greene

At a time when youth at large seem to be withdrawing into the virtual reality of their phones and devices, Rust is on a mission connect them through music. Likewise, through R. Legacy Entertainment Rust is committed to exporting the music of Utah to the rest of the world.

A desire for the ultimate high-end facility for Legacy’s own projects snowballed into the concept of a home base for high-end content creation of all types. “We’ve put together one of the finest post production teams West of the Mississippi and East of Los Angeles, ” Rust said. “I couldn’t be more excited than to have them discover what opportunities are out there.”





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