T-Bone Steamed About Streaming

T-Bone Burnett went on what Billboard called “an anti-streaming warpath.” “As long as any piece of music is available for free on YouTube, then all the dreams of a streaming future where musicians can really make money are pipe dreams,” Burnett said on a panel at the Americana Music Festival in Nashville.

The prolific performer-producer clarified that he is not anti-tech, sharing a vision in which paid streaming and some combination of pre-recorded media sales ensure artist solvency.

“Digital copies of things have been made valueless, and we can accept that,” Burnett said. “But the thing that seems clear is that the Internet is a broadcast medium that has to be treated like the radio. These radio stations, or advertising platforms, can share their revenue in a fair way. “

Read the full article, by Chris Willman, here.

t-bone burnett in a suit and tie stands in front of an Americaa Music Fest poster

T-Bone Burnett wants to disrupt the stream. (Photo: Anna Webber/Getty Images)

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