‘Troll’ Tunes Stream

Two months before its theatrical release, Trolls: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is available for streaming. The animated film, featuring the vocal stylings of Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, as characters and warbling on the soundtrack, hits screens Nov. 4.  Songs by Gwen Stefani, Ariana Grande and Zoey Deschanel (who fans of Elf will remember has a great voice)  round out the mix.

Stream the album here.

Performers as diverse as James Corden, Louis Armstrong, The Bee Gees and Sir Mixalot will be heard as the movie unspools. The complete track list for the film is available here.

The Trolls soundtrack actually had a rather unusual unveiling, in Walmart stores across the nation. Walmart actually uses an in-house radio station, Walmart Radio, in its approximately 3,900 locations, according to Sony Music. The actual live DJs are in fact real Walmart employees, so we hear. Talk about multitasking.

Timberlake is also something of a jack of all trades; he executive produces the film, which he saidfulfills a lifetime ambition to combine music, dance and movies.

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