Arab News on ‘Star Wars’ Music


Star Wars Composer John Williams

It’s a testament to the global power of the Star Wars franchise that features a glowing profile of composer John Williams and his cross-cultural influence (okay, it was in its “offbeat news” section, but still, they couldn’t resist!). The piece spotlights conductors from the Ohio and Atlanta symphony orchestras, who have or will be leading Star Wars-themed evenings of musical entertainment.

Although the article contains at least one inaccuracy, stating, incorrectly, that series creator George Lucas “for the first time is not directing this latest film” (while Lucas directed the 1977 original, and the three “prequels” release in 1999-2008, Irvin Kershner directed 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back, and Richard Marquand helmed 1983’s Return of the Jedi), the execution of its basic premise — the overwhelming influence of Williams’ score — is well-delivered and worthwhile.

Though after much searching, we have to say that we found the toddler singing the “Imperial March” underwhelming. But hey, the AN was correct, in that it has garnered more than 3 million views!

Williams’ score for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, directed by J.J. Abrams, won’t be available until the film is released, on Dec. 18.

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