‘Vedalam’ Has ’em Dancing in Aisles


Ajith Kumar bangs the drum in Vedalam.

India’s Vedalam has been a huge hit over the holiday weekend of Deepavali, or Festival of Lights, with songs by 25-year-old composer and music director Anirudh Ravichander getting audiences out of their seats and dancing in the theater aisles, according to news reports.

The story of a taxi driver who finds himself on the wrong side of some shady characters after trying to help the police, blends comedy and action elements. Criticized for plot holes, it nonetheless had a record-breaking opening and was hailed as a breakthrough for star Ajith Kumar in that it attracted large numbers of women, crossing over into “family film” territory.

The musical number that has been getting the biggest reaction is “Aaluma Doluma,” which s0unds like a cross between EDM and sitar music.

Spinmaster Anirudh is getting a sizable amount of credit for the film’s success, his services reportedly reserved for the next collaboration between director Siva Kumar and Ajith, a huge Indian star (who burnished his action credentials by competing in Formula auto races driver in his spare time).

Anirudh made his debut in the 2012 Indian film, 3, writing The song, “Why This Kolaveri Di” which went viral on YouTube, logging more than 100 million views.

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