Scott Brothers Saddle Up with Country Tunes


Jonathan, left, and Drew Scott talk to Ryan Seacrest about their upcoming country music singles.
(Sadao Turner / Ryan Seacrest Enterprises)

HGTV stars Drew and Jonathan Scott, better known as the Property Brothers, make their recording debut with a pair of country tunes to air on “Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch,” which premieres at 9 p.m. on Nov. 25.

The new 10-part series sees the Scott twins, Jonathan and Drew, joined by brother JD in renovating a Rocky Mountains ranch estate set on 2,400-acres in Alberta, Canada, where the Scott boys grew up. “A lot of people don’t know this, but we were ranch kids—we grew up corralling horses, herding cattle and working hard on the farm. So we can’t wait to take this trip down memory lane,” Jonathan said, noting that the ranch belongs to family friends.

Jonathan and Drew will perform “Hold On” and “Let the Night Shine In”—their first country music singles—during the course of the show. Both songs were written by Jonathan and Drew, along with award-winning Nashville-based songwriters/producers Victoria Shaw and Chad Carlson.

“It’s sort of country-pop,” the brothers told Ryan Seacrest during a Nov. 3 radio interview. “It sounds random, but the thing is, when we were growing up, my dad used to play the guitar and we used to sing with him. So we wrote these for the show and it’s sort of a throwback to our roots where we came from.” You can check out previews of the new country tunes at, which got an exclusive preview prior to their availability for download on Nov. 25.


The Scott brothers’ audio art. Album in the offing?

If that leaves you wanting more, Drew Scott — who manages realty chores while brother Jonathan heads up the renovation and redesign — has his own SoundCloud, where you can hear a version of “Your Song”that gives William Shatner’s “Mr. Tambourine Man” a run for its money in the crazy covers department, as well as a credible rendition of “Home” (more suited to his vocal style, not to mention  his day job).

One must credit the Property Brothers for not shying from new adventures. They hit the high seas for “Sailing With the Scotts: The Ultimate Design Cruise,” a four-day voyage that launches today and runs through Nov. 20. No word on whether we can expect crooning to “Sloop John B.” or “Sail on Sailor,” but we’re keepin’ an ear cocked.

Here’s a helpful article on how to get cast on the Property Brothers show, which usually records in Canada, but makes occasional forays Stateside. Given their interest in music, it would be fun to see them do a reno that involves a recording studio.

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