Thomas Scores ‘Faeria’

Composer Chance Thomas will conjure the score for “Faeria,” Abrakam Entertainment’s elaborate digital strategy card game. Thomas, an award-winning multi-media composer, envisions the musical accompaniment for the online game as “epic, all-original fantasy.”

The game has been in beta for the past two years and is targeting a January release in the U.S. and Europe, and has already attracted an online community fan base. What was originally expected to be a niche title has shown the potential to grow far beyond what was hoped for, the developers at Abrakam report.

“We always wanted to make ‘Faeria’ a classic,” game lead developer Martin Peirlot said. “Since the moment we met Chance we’ve had inspiring talks on how to bring ‘Faeria’s’ magical world to life, how to craft powerful emotions and give them to players at the perfect moment.  The quality of Chance’s approach and vision are impressive.  As players we’ve always delighted in Chance’s music.  It’s a privilege to have him give voice to our world.”

Thomas’ game credits include scores for “DOTA 2,”  “Lord of the Rings Online” and “Heroes of Might & Magic,” to name a few.

“I’m so impressed with this team, their artistic aesthetic and innovation in gameplay,” Thomas said of the Belgium-based Abrakam. “The game is beautiful, imaginative and fun.  It’s like ‘Magic: The Gathering’ meets ‘Civilization.’  You’re collecting resources, deciding on creature and structure positioning, land placement, when and how to attack, how to invest economy each turn. This is definitely not your parent’s online card game! The music needs to be beautiful, timeless and evocative. ”

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