The Pop Star Powering Windows 10

Eric Hutchinson is about to reach a new level of global exposure, thanks to Microsoft’s decision to use his tune in the campaign for Windows 10. While the Los Angeles-based artist has enjoyed considerable success, releasing five LPs, two of them distributed by Warner Records, and the current release, Pure Fiction, sold through the U.K. based Kobalt Music Group, a label  that allows artists to retain ownership of their masters recordings. 

The Windows 10 campaign, “The Future is Now,” debuted in July and features a parade of winsome toddlers gamboling adorably as a voice-over explains the technological advantages they’ll grow up taking for granted, while Hutchinson’s “Tell the World” plays in the background.

In a recent interview with Penton Publishing’s SuperSite for Windows, Hutchinson discussed how he wrote the track, included on Pure Fiction, while making a lasagna (alas, he burned it, but wound up with one hot tune!). “When I found out it was a worldwide Microsoft campaign I was pretty much willing to do ANYTHING to get the song in the commercial! Luckily they loved the song just how it was and I was really happy to see how well it fit in an early cut,” Hutchinson told writer Richard Hay.

Hutchinson is touring through September as the opening act for Kelly Clarkson.

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