Lieb, Allstate AMPed for Success

LGBT campaign grabs attention with tune

The LGBT-positive Allstate commercial featuring Eli Leib‘s original song “Safe in My Hands” won two 2015 AMP Awards for Music and Sound. The competition honors music composed and licensed for commercials and is presented by the Association of Music Producers. Lieb took top honors in the Best Original Song category, and the commercial itself tied for the Best In Show category.

Created by the Leo Burnett agency, the animated spot tells the story of a young man shunned for having an unusually large hand, who finds love and acceptance when he meets another young man whom fate has dealt a similar hand. The 90-second commercial is part of Allstate’s ongoing “Out Holding Hands” campaign.

“It’s amazing,” Lieb told The Advocate“It’s my first real major award” and means a lot to the artist because the campaign’s message is so close to his heart.

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