Reinhold Heil on ‘Deutschland’

German composer Reinhold Heil, whose work has been featured on the big screen in films including Cloud Atlas, The Killer Elite and I, Frankenstein, spoke to KCPP‘s Michelle Lanz for The Frame about composing for eight upcoming episodes of The Sundance Channel’s critically acclaimed spy series, “Deutschland 83.” Heil said that while he’s not been a big fan of German-produced television, “they sent me the opening scene and it immediately grabbed me because I had actually lived through that scene, and the way it was depicted was really really authentic. I had bought a whole bunch of music and it was all confiscated. They interrogated me for a good hour and my girlfriend was very worried outside. ” Heil is also working on the Fox television series “Legends,” about an undercover operative who transforms into a different personas for each job.

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