New Atmos Reference Speakers

Dolby Atmos technology has — or will soon — be installed in over 1,200 cinemas around the world, supported by more than 300 titles and the technology has become the standard for theatrical and home entertainment surround sound. Riding that wave of momentum, Dolby teamed with Klipsch to unveil its Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos speakers.

Three new Dolby Atmos speakers have been added to the Klipsch Reference Premiere series, a move that in the company’s words, has “reinvented and redefined the whole line.”

And there are over 100 Dolby Atmos mixing stages available to filmmakers worldwide. In comparison to Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Atmos released more titles and featured installations in more screens during the first 12 months of the format’s global rollout.

The RP-280FA is the new flagship Atmos model — an adpatation of the Klipsch 280F (dual 8″ Cerametallic cone woofers, a 1″ titanium dome LTS tweeter with Hybrid Tractrix horn) adding a Dolby Atmos Elevation Channel that angles upwards to provide the trademark Atmos “from above” sound distribution, reflecting off ceilings. It includes a 6.5″ Cerametallic cone woofer, 1″ titanium dome LTS tweeter with the Hybrid Tractrix horn and Controlled Directivity Technology. The cost is $1,200 per speaker ($525 more than the  RP-280F).

The RP-140SA is Klipsch’s Dolby Atmos add-on module, enabling the “Atmosification” of an existing setup.  It features a 4.5″ Cerametallic cone woofer, 1″ titanium dome LTS tweeter with the Hybrid Tractrix horn, and Controlled Directivity Technology. Klipsch says the RP-140SA can be paired with any system, even non-Klipsch brands. Also, wall-mounted RP-140SAs can function as traditional side-surround speakers. They retail for $499 per pair.

Rounding out the new offerings, the RP-450CA center channel features quad 5.25″ Cerametallic cone woofers and a 1″ titanium dome LTS tweeter with the Hybrid Tractrix horn. The speaker costs $850, a $200 premium over the original RP-450C because it has been hand crafted in real wood (not a polymer) and color matched, in black or walnut, to the RP-280FA.

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