Trent Reznor’s ‘Strange’ New Project?

Will Trent Reznor’s next project be David Fincher’s Strangers, a remake of the Hitchcock classic Strangers on a Train? That was the provocative question posed by back in January. Six months later, the Magic 8 Ball is tilting toward yes!  Although Reznor’s name hasn’t been formally attached to the project, given his history of successful collaboration with Fincher — an Oscar (with Atticus Rose) for Best Original Score for 2010’s The Social Network, back again for 2011’s  The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and 2014’s Gone Girl — in other words, Fincher’s three most recent films.
Reznor’s name is attached to Jennifer Lynch’s upcoming Fall From Grace, which will reportedly use tracks from the Ghosts I-V album he recorded with Nine Inch Nails, the project, which went into development in 2013, is still in pre-production (despite being announced with a 2015 release date). So Strangers could beat it to the screen.Interestingly, it was Ghosts I-V that brought Fincher and Reznor together. Although Fincher used remixed version of Reznor’s “Closer” on the opening credits for Seven (1995), it was while making The Social Network that Fincher began temping to Ghosts and became fascinated enough to convince Reznor, who had never composed for film, to do the score (The Wall Street Journal provides an in-depth look at that collaboration). Reznor recruited Ross (who has co-writer credit on Ghosts and has received producer and/or programmer credit on five Nine Inch Nails albums, occasionally playing with the band live).It would certainly be very interesting to see what the duo would come up with for a Hitchcock thriller described as “strangers on a plane.” Ben Affleck is attached, via Warner Bros., to produce and star in the role of tennis star who wants out of his marriage and, after meeting a mysterious stranger, pursues murder over divorce. In a twist, Affleck will play an actor in the middle of an Oscar campaign, who meets his fate-changing mystery psychopath on a private jet.

The original story is based on a novel by Patricia Hightower (The Talented Mr. Ripley), and Affleck is said to be working on the script with Gillian Flynn, who wrote both the novel and screenplay for Gone Girl.


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